Neil designed an amazing extension for me and my family nearly 10 years ago and I can’t believe how much joy it still brings me on a daily basis. I reflect often on how successfully he listened and responded to our functional needs while also providing us with something beautiful. The initial design also had flexible elements to it which have meant the space has been able to evolve with the changing needs of my growing family.


We worked with Neil on our Petersen Brick House project. It was a difficult project to get planning approval for because the bricks used (a key feature of the project) are uncommon in the area. Yet, we managed thanks to Neil’s handling of the process. Neil has brought great ideas, including (but not only) fantastic green roofs, massive skylights and glass doors, and a beautiful garden. He understood what we wanted and I have to say, the house is exactly how it looked on virtual images.


We worked with Neil and his team on our 'Dream House' project between 2013 and 2015. Going into the project we had a clear idea of the look that we were wanting to achieve. In our first meeting with Neil it was immediately clear that he totally understood our aesthetic and he had many inspiring ideas that would ultimately enhance and realise the design. Neil was key to driving this project forward; he was extremely helpful and proactive during the tender process, always available to advise when required and understanding in terms of our priorities. During the build he was in constant touch with us and the builder, overseeing and checking the work, ensuring deadlines were met and workmanship was to the highest standard. Our project was complex; the house being in a conservation area, and with many local sensitivities. Neil handled all issues with a degree of professionalism and empathy, which certainly made the project move forward as smoothly as possible. Neil is without question one of the most thorough, dedicated, passionate and approachable people we have worked with. He is an ultimate professional and we would be delighted to collaborate with him again. The house turned out to be more beautiful than we could ever have expected and it makes us proud that this was such a collaborative process. Thank you Neil!


I have had the pleasure of working with Neil and his excellent team on several projects. They provide innovative and creative solutions to complex problems and are also great fun to be around.


Neil was a dream to work with. I’d seen his work previously and was so impressed with the way he used both natural and artificial light to add interest to space. From the moment we started working together he understood what we wanted to achieve with our project - his creativity and attention to detail added real excitement to the process, and I can truly say that the final product, our Blackridge House, is more than we could have hoped for..I would love to do another project with him... just waiting for the right opportunity!


We started with an idea in our head about opening up our kitchen. NDA made it so much more than this - simple in many ways but it has completely revamped our experience of living in our space. The whole ground floor now “just works” and we appreciate the look and layout whenever at home. It is comfortable but also we feel has a touch of wow factor. Delighted.


Neil Dusheiko

5 Baldwin Terrace
London N1 7RU

+44 (0)207 354 8106