We have won several awards for our work, including five British Homes Awards recently for Best Home Transformation and Interior Designer of the Year for two years in a row. 

We are a small studio devoted to designing exceptional houses for people who love architecture. You get our full attention, and you won’t get something ordinary. We understand that we are not for every client and don’t tend to take on projects for the sake of it. So, you’ll know that we’ve chosen you as much as you’ve chosen us. We want challenges where we can think holistically about how a project can positively impact your life and your family.

None of our projects are approached with a predetermined agenda. However, we want to enjoy our shared experience in translating your ideas and aspirations into a built project. We are here to listen, learn from you and to understand what you want to create. Then do it. We believe that all our projects should enhance their surroundings and positively impact the people that live in them as well as the wider community. Every good neighbourhood starts with a single home. We care about the environment, where materials come from and how they will last over time. What is essential, and what is not. We will empower you so that you feel confident about your decisions so that you can relax and watch them come to fruition.

We love the minutiae of daily living. From how a handrail will feel in your hands to where the light comes in. We want the joy we experience in making your project evident and to live on with you long after you settle into the new home we have created together. Our inspiration comes from a belief that great design can nurture the soul.

Imagine the delight of collaborating with a studio which starts with the obvious and ends with the unexpected!

In a recent interview with Open House, Neil talks about how he designs award winning homes, see below: