Muswell Hill House 1

Neil Dusheiko Architects have been appointed to develop a scheme for a new-build dwelling in Haringey that would be located at the rear garden of the Client’s current residence in the hope of downsizing. The new scheme would reflect the Clients’ requirements for modern living and celebrate their aspirations for an environmentally sustainable dwelling that would withstand the test of time.

The selection of this site was driven by the existing garden’s ample size and its independent access through a pedestrian public pathway, making it an unequivocal choice for the new build intended to serve as the clients’ primary residence.

Throughout the development of the proposal, Neil Dusheiko Architects navigated various site constraints, including considerations for access, fire safety, waste management, outlook, and preservation of trees, among other factors inherent in the conservation area where the site is situated.

The envisioned design comprises a two-storey dwelling featuring an east-facing courtyard space. During the formulation of the proposal, utmost attention was given to incorporating elements that resonate with the diverse nature and materiality of the surrounding context. The scale, mass, and form of the proposed scheme have been carefully crafted to harmonize with the overall character of the area.

In summary, Neil Dusheiko Architects is dedicated to creating a new-build house that not only meets the modern living requirements of the clients but also integrates seamlessly with the environmental and aesthetic aspects of its unique location in Haringey.

Project Team
Architecture: Neil Dusheiko, Vasiliki Symeonidou, Andre Ford and Tina Bergman
Engineer: Price and Myers