House of the Elements

Our brief was to remodel an existing South London terrace house to create a space in which our Client can relax and use as a base for a semi-nomadic lifestyle spent between London, the Mediterranean and South Asia. At home, it should be a place of joy, connected to nature and full of light and space. When away, it should continue to be a place of life.

We are proposing a dramatic intervention to a previous remodel with a double height glazed atrium directly as part of the existing kitchen and dining space, which will be filled with a living wall full of flowers, herbs, ferns, ivy and perhaps even fruit. It will be a place of sensory experience, with a changing palette of colour, smell and taste through the seasons.

A second, 3-storey void will be created, from which the reconfigured master bedroom and new library nook will open onto. This new void will feature a dramatic graffiti mural, allowing this void to become an informal art gallery of sorts. The third floor will feature a new dormer space, which will provide an office and yoga room connected back to the void and extensively lit through multiple rooflights.

“House of the Elements” explores the “building of space” to allow time to be measured, partly through the growth and care of plants. Even when the house is empty of its human inhabitants, it will continue to be lived in, containing breath, life, decay, renewal.


Design by Neil Dusheiko Architects
Visuals by HAZE Viz
Mural by Soda Graffiti