Barnet House

Neil Dusheiko Architects has commenced construction on the extension and refurbishment of a 1930s semi-detached house in Barnet.

The house is end of terrace, situated in a quiet cul-de-sac, is bordered a verdant green border of mature trees forming a permeable boundary along an open park. This project has been conceived as a project to explore how architecture and nature can work together.

The architectural design team liaised extensively with the Barnet planning department as, given the context of the house, many mature trees needed to be protected from the excavation works. Neil Dusheiko Architects worked successfully with arborists and the landscape designer Jane Brockbank to ensure the site and surrounding flora could flourish. The rear garden is a natural valley, which collects rainwater run off from the adjacent open green. The design of the rear garden utilises the natural flooding that occurs and will feature a planted swale, traversed over by small boardwalks designed by Jane. Beautiful views are afforded towards a long rear garden and green beyond. Our design plays on this connection with the natural surroundings with a series of two terraced piers, connecting the house to the garden designed by Jane Brockbank. The façade facing the garden is completely glazed at ground level allowing a sweeping vista to the garden and in parts allows the garden to flow into the living spaces.

In order to better connect to the garden, the rear half of the house is lowered to mediate the level change between the existing entry floor level and the garden level. Fully opening bifold glazing panels give vast and uninterrupted views of the garden and green beyond, and some of this green is brought back into the house via a large internal planter.

​The kitchen and dining areas are the heart of the house, a feature that reflects the way the family socialise and congregate. These areas form two wings or zones which are defined by a highly textured timber entry spine, which draws the eye from the house’s front entry and culminates in the internal planter and views to the garden beyond. The central axis is characterised by rich timber veneer cladding and brick pamment flooring.

We are excited that this project is now being realised on site and will be our fourth collaboration with contractor’s Sygnet Style.


Sygnet Style,


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Landscape Design
Jane Brockbank