Gallery House

Stoke Newington


Our design adds a new light filled side extension at ground floor level and a new loft bedroom and bathroom above where there was previously unused roof space.

Project description

A large open plan living space was created by opening up the front and rear reception rooms, providing ample display space for our client’s extensive art collection.

A fully glazed skylight to the side extension allows for increased light levels and improved connections between the spaces linking the front of the house to the rear garden.

A set of new stairs runs full width across the house marking the connection between the new and old rooms. Niches have been carved into the depth of the walls to allow for storage space and for sculptures to be displayed.

A calm material palette of reclaimed bricks and oak flooring gives a sense of warmth and texture to his home. The rich detailing gives a tactile scale to the new domestic spaces.

A large glass pivoting door enables generous access to the garden. Built in seating in the kitchen provides an informal gathering space facing the garden. A framework of oak shelving and timber rafters gives structure to the new ground floor space providing further display space for art, ceramics and glassware pieces under a bright sun filled fully glazed skylight.




2017 AJ Retrofit Award

2017 NLA Don't Move Improve



2018 Makeover Book

2017 Jewish Chronicle Newspaper

2017 Real Homes Magazine

2017 Grand Designs Magazine


Project Team
Neil Dusheiko

Structural Engineer

Main Contractor
Sygnet Style

Tim Crocker & Agnese Sanvito

Neil Dusheiko

5 Baldwin Terrace
London N1 7RU

+44 (0)207 354 8106